Yes, You ARE Ready for That Vocal Audition

You’ve been preparing for months. You’ve selected the perfect audition song, and practiced in front of your teacher, your friends, your family, and… well… anyone who will listen!

Auditions can certainly be nerve-wracking, but chances are, you’ll do just fine! To calm your nerves, put together a humorous post with the 11 signs you’re going to rock your audition — in GIF form, of course!

You can feel confident if you’ve done the following…

1. You are rested.

True, it may be harder in this day and age to get the suggested eight hours of sleep every night, but the more quality sleep you have the night before, the better! A relaxed body means better sound, as there will be a lot less tension.

2. Your materials are together.

This means your sheet music is in the right key and clearly marked for the accompanist. The pages are also back-to-back and neatly organized in a binder. If you’re using sound files, they should be easily accessible and cued up at the correct time.

3. You know your lyrics backwards and forwards!

Confidence is key, and knowing that you REALLY have your songs down pat will help you soar through the audition!

4. You’ve done a good warm-up.

This means at least 15 to 20 minutes or so of light vocal exercises. It’s best not to do too much more than that, as you risk tiring yourself out. Think basic lip trills, hums, and sirens — you can never go wrong with those! It doesn’t needs to be anything fancy.

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Haven’t found your audition song yet? Don’t fret. Make sure to check out the database here on Musical Theater Songs to find the perfect song to show off your skills.

Good luck!